Here’s the latest information about PEA:

PEA Foundation Night at the Races

The PEA Foundation, an IRS 501c3 organization will hold its annual fund raiser for scholarships on:

Saturday, February 24, 2018

The PEA Foundation page will have additional details related to the event as the date approaches.


2017 Deductible Dues and Fees

Members who itemize federal income tax returns may be able to list Professional Association dues as a miscellaneous deduction, the total of which must  equal at least two percent (2%) of Adjusted Gross Income to be  deductible

The 2017 deductible dues amounts are:

PEA Members

Full Dues       $868.97
Half Dues       $482.20
Quarter Dues  $296.07

Members employed for a fractional year in 2017 may deduct a pro-rata share of the deductible portion of their total dues, based on the total dues  amount paid as listed on your last pay information statement for the 2017 calendar year.

Fair Share Fee Payer

Full Time        $716.97
Half Time       $316.00
Quarter Time  $214.33

Consult your tax advisor for additional details regarding the deductibility of Professional Association dues